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Registration No: F-21125 Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 ( Bom.XXIX of 1950 )

The pilots of Jet Airways formed SWIP, The Society for Welfare of Indian Pilots, in 1998.

It was formed with a purpose of interfacing with the Management to ensure a smooth and seamless operation of our Airline. It will be transparent and utilitarian in nature. It will be non-interfering and non-involving with the other departments within the Company.

To ensure the welfare and protection of Indian Pilots and their families irrespective of caste, religion and social status.
To hold seminars, publish and exhibit periodicals and provide material assistance to pilots.
To hold cultural events and distribute prizes and scholarships to promote aviation.
To give charity to worthy associations or organizations related directly or indirectly to aviation.
To have a healthy relation with Aviation Agencies and other Government bodies.

A Technical library for pilots has been approved in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi as and when the place will be available. SWIP members have donated a substantial amount towards Orissa. SWIP members have donated a substantial amount (approx. Rs.1,33,000/-) to the Queen Mary Technical Institute in Pune for the rehabilitation and gainful employment of soldiers who have been injured in the Kargil war.

The SWIP Managing Committee has held regular meetings between themselves and with all pilots to discuss matters regarding the welfare of pilots and charitable welfare outside the pilot community. The Managing Committee and the Management of the Company have held regular Meetings to discuss problems faced by pilots within the Company. These meetings have led to the solution of many problems of the pilots regarding medical benefits, financial assistance to grounded pilots, salary issue, etc.

It is one of the aims of the Association to interact with Aviation Agencies and other Government bodies. SWIP represents over 924 Pilots of Jet Airways (India) Limited, and we would be very grateful if you could put our association on the distribution list and periodicals regarding the Aviation Industry.
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